Other Critters

At Camp Julsby, we don't just have Labradors. We have other Critters too. Since we are true animal lovers, we have manage to accumulate a small collection of other animals. We also Breed and Show our French Angora Rabbits, have a small mix breed dog, we have 2 spoiled house cats, a Ball Python, and enjoy our Chickens. My husband also is big into gardening growing foods that our Family and Animals to enjoy.

Meet  our French Angoras

Camp Julsby French Angoras is a serious Hobby Rabbitry producing Grand Champion French Angora Rabbits. Our Rabbits are bred for their beautiful wool that is harvested 3 to 4 times a year by with gently plucking or shearing. French Angora rabbits are rather large between 8-10+ pounds and have very dog like personalities. 

Camp Julsby Mousery is a small hobby Mousery producing Fancy and Pedigreed Mice in a variety of colors and coat types. We maintain pure English Lines, as well as Show and Pet Type mice. These little ones are quiet yet active, providing a great deal of entertainment with a small footprint.

Meet Our Chickens

As strange as it may seem, we love our Chickens. They interact with each other and forage throughout our yard for bugs, weeds, and tasty tid bits we scatter about. It is very enjoyable to watch them go about their "gardening". Our children enjoy feeding them treats and oh what fun it is for them to find our pretty girls have laid eggs for us. We have different breeds that lay different colored eggs. We get collect white, brown, green, chocolate brown,and blue eggs.