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Welcome to Julsby Jack Russell Terriers home on the web
We have puppies! Born 9-10-23 Click Here to see who's available to join your Family.

Julsby Jack Russell Terriers is located in the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California. I refer to our home as Camp Julsby, because it is such a treat to live where people go to vacation. I used to spend a week out of every summer at a camp not far from our current home.  

Julsby Jack Russell Terriers is a very small scale, hobby breeder of JRTCA registered Jack Russell Terriers. We breed the occasional litter when the time is right, for us to carefully raise the next generation of Julsby Puppies.

We breed only JRTCA Registered Jack Russell Terriers. "The Jack Russell Terrier Club of America breed registry is one of the most unique registries in the world. It has been designed specifically to maintain the Jack Russell Terrier as a healthy working breed, free from genetic faults and characteristics that would be detrimental to the breed. Unlike other registries which register entire litters at birth, each application for registration in the JRTCA is judged on the individual terrier's own merits; having registered parents does not automatically guarantee that a terrier can be registered."   


Our Jack Russell Terriers meet and exceed the minimum health testing guidelines set fort by the JRTCA. They are active family members who can often be found at work with me in my grooming shop, running errands, or just lounging about on our furniture.

Julie Douglas      909-273-4849    
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